Talent Opportunities

Provide growth opportunities for talent from the universities and businesses. Currently focusing on the opportunities between the UK and China market.

Stakeholder connections

We develop the relationships that support the next phase in your organisation’s growth. We do this by identifying the people and platforms where interests converge; where your organisation can most profitably invest your resources and time.

We are based in the UK with a large network of connection at home and abroad. The current focus of business activity is between China and the UK due to the demand in market.

Marketing, representation and advocacy

Provide marketing consultancy
to clients. We speak on your behalf in critical forums, discreetly influencing the conversation towards achieving your interests. We are bringing all our experience and discretion to bear, to position you as that forum’s natural leader.


Consultancy and advisory services
for existing businesses. A plan for accomplishing your objectives, from thought leadership to capacity building, we navigate domains that require adept handling of different interests and position your organisation for ongoing growth.


Negotiation on behalf of the
clients where required. In crucial conversations, we generate rapport and guide participants towards consensus. In doing this, we’re skilled in drawing out unspoken interests and latent potential. We bring an empathetic yet astute presence to facilitation roles, achieving results in high-level meetings.


Mentoring and guiding of client’s
businesses. We welcome opportunities to work with individuals seeking to be more effective in different domains of business.


Training services for business with
special emphasis on protecting IP in
UK and in the international market.